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Test Product Mailbox, Black

– Constructed from heavy-duty galvanized steel
– Large capacity accommodates small to medium size packages
– Space provided on front door for address numbers
– Powder-coated paint protects mailbox from rust and other elements
– Roller catch door latch keeps door securely in place
– Pre-drilled holes on side and bottom for mounting
– Includes an aluminum outgoing mail flag
– Some assembly is required



The Admiral mailbox is durably constructed from rust-proof aluminum and classically designed to match any home! Its aluminum composition not only defends against rust, but also has corrosion resistant properties to further extend its use. Made with 60% thicker material than most standard mailboxes, the Admiral incorporates an internal body strap and a patented door brace to increase its strength. The patented door brace is also uniquely designed to shield rain away from the interior, keeping your mail unharmed. This resilient mailbox is painted in a textured powder-coated finish, giving it a unique appearance while adding protection. If you’re looking to stop replacing mailboxes due to rust and corrosion, look no further than the Admiral aluminum mailbox!

Additional information

Access Type

Color Family

Mailbox Material

Compatibility Code




11" H x 9.5" W x 22.9" D


9 lbs.


1475 cubic in.


90 Day Limited

360° Viewer

Drag the image left or right to rotate the view. 

Drag up to see an alternate view, showing the raised mail flag.

Drag down to see another view, with the mailbox door open.


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