Mailbox & Post Kits

When choosing a mailbox, it’s important to consider the quantity and types of mail you receive. If you generally receive an average volume of mail, a medium-sized mailbox may be perfect for you. However, if you frequently receive high volumes of mail or larger parcels, you may want to consider upgrading to a larger mailbox for greater storage capacity. Don’t forget to include everyone who receives mail at your location when considering which size is best for your family.

Shop by Size

  • Medium Capacity 50% 50%
  • Large Capacity 80% 80%
  • XLarge Capacity 100% 100%
*Size dimensions shown are average approximations for each size category but may vary depending on the shape and style. Verify dimensions of your chosen product listed in the specifications.

Medium Capacity Mailbox & Post Kits

The most popular selling size – Medium size mailboxes generally accommodate average mail deliveries including padded envelopes, small packages and of course all your letter mail too! 

Large Capacity Mailbox & Post Kits

For those who need a little more – Large size mailboxes can accommodate everything a medium size can and more! It’s the perfect size to store your small-to-medium package deliveries.


Locking Mailbox & Post Kits

If security is a concern, consider one of the locking mailbox & post kit solutions below.

All our locking mailbox and post kits feature a concealed locking mail slot that measures approximately 12.5″ in W x 1.75″ in H for USPS deliveries, and a deep large capacity to store days worth of mail. Each mailbox includes two keys for homeowner access via the side retrieval door.

Extra Large Mailbox & Post Kits

Say goodbye to missed delivery slips! Extra large mailboxes are the best choice for frequent online shoppers – they can store multiple medium-to-large packages alongside days worth of letter mail.