Mailbox 101

How to Select a Mailbox

There are many reasons to replace a mailbox. With all the available options in-stores and online, choosing a mailbox can be a bit overwhelming. To help make the decision-making process simpler, we’ve put together a quick list of important considerations you should make before you buy a mailbox.

Step 1:  Choose a Mailbox Type

If your mail is delivered at the curb, you most likely have a post mount mailbox. These mailboxes are fastened to the top of a post and installed securely in the ground. Alternatively, if your mail carrier delivers mail directly to your home’s entrance, you most likely have a wall mount mailbox. These are generally installed on your home’s exterior wall.  If you decide to switch from wall mount to post mount, or vice versa, make sure to check with your local postmaster before installing to ensure that your delivery won’t be disrupted.

Curbside Delivery

Walk-Up Delivery

Curbside Delivery

Walk-Up Delivery

Step 2:  Choose a Size 

Consider the quantity and types of mail you receive. If you frequently order items online, you might need to upgrade to a larger mailbox. Don’t forget to include everyone who receives mail at your location when considering the right size.

Step 3:  Choose a Material

Local weather conditions can be a vital factor in mailbox performance, as mailbox materials may perform differently in various climates. Consequently, you should select a mailbox that is a good fit for your application and area. 

Step 4: Select Locking or Non-Locking

Homeowners who are concerned about mail theft should consider a locking mailbox. Our locking mailboxes combine security and aesthetics for maximum peace of mind. If you don’t require a locking feature, Gibraltar Mailboxes offers many non-locking styles.

Locking Mailboxes

All include 2 keys for family access. As a reminder, mail carriers do not require a key to access the mail delivery slot.

Non-Locking Mailboxes

Available in curbside and walk-up delivery options.