Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Can I buy your products directly?
Our products can be found at several established retailers and distributors throughout the United States and Canada. View a list of our mailbox retailers or check with your local home and hardware stores.  We also offer select last-chance mailbox products and replacement parts on our Mailboxes Outlet website.
Where can I buy your products?
Our products can be purchased from many recognizable retailers – both online or in-store. Please view the list of our mailbox retailers to learn where you can make a purchase. We also offer select last-chance mailbox products and replacement parts on our Mailboxes Outlet website.
Are your products Made in the USA?
All of our products are designed by our team in the U.S., and many are also manufactured at our local facility located in Mississippi. View our complete list of products made in the U.S.A. here.
Why are mounting screws not included with your wall mount mailboxes?

Wall mount mailboxes require different types of hardware depending on the structure to which the mailbox will be mounted. Unfortunately, due to the range of options, it’s unfeasible to provide hardware for every option. For wall mounts we recommend using #8 or #10 head Phillips screws of adequate length to anchor the mailbox. For wood panel walls, the screw length into the wall should be approximately 1”. For masonry, stucco or metal walls, use a minimum #8 plastic anchor and screw.

If you have additional questions please contact us. We’ll be happy to further assist.

Are your mailboxes approved by the U.S. Postal Service?
The U.S. Postal Service governs the size, operation, design features, etc. of curbside mailboxes. All of our curbside mailboxes are USPS approved. The USPS does not govern wall mount mailboxes, although the product must operate easily and have longevity similar to curbside mailboxes. Local mail carriers should be contacted before installing any type of mailbox not stamped with “Approved by the Postmaster General” to ensure proper placement of the mailbox. Curbside mailboxes must be secured onto mailbox posts and placed at a height of 41″ to 45″ above the road or street surface. Contact your mail carrier prior to installation.
Are all your mailboxes Made in the USA?
All of Gibraltar Mailboxes products are proudly designed in the USA, and most mailboxes are also made at our Solar Group, Inc. manufacturing facility located in Taylorsville, Mississippi. Our dedicated employees have an average tenure of more than 18 years of service with us – we know mailboxes inside and out and are passionate about the work we do. We thank you for considering to buy a Gibraltar Mailbox.
Do your mailbox products come with any warranty?
Yes, all of our products come with a warranty which guarantees against defects in materials and workmanship. For more information on our product warranty view our warrany & care policy.
Can your mailboxes be painted?
Yes; however painting your mailbox will void the warranty associated with the product. Our finished mailboxes come with a powder coat paint to provide protection, but can be painted a different color. First, wipe the mailbox down with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt and oil. Let the mailbox dry, then use an outdoor paint. Use a primer before applying coats of paint for optimal results.
Will the warranty be voided if the mailbox is bricked in?

Bricking in a mailbox is harmful to the powder coat finish on our products, in part due to the use of mortar. Mortar is destructive to any paint and is not recommended. The warranty covering paint peeling, scratching or rusting will become void if the mailbox is bricked in. Our mailbox warranty also does not cover any damage caused by the process of bricking in or by the bricks themselves.

If the mailbox is determined to have a manufacturer defect and has already been bricked in, we will still honor that warranty. However, it would not cover any costs of removing and/or replacing the mailbox in the bricks.

Why are the security mailboxes much larger than they have been in the past?
The United States Postal Service (USPS) determines and issues standards that must be adhered to by the manufactures for all curbside mailboxes. One recent change is the requirement that all locked designs must have a minimum opening of 1-3/4 inches by 10 inches. This change basically eliminated all of the smaller and less expensive designs since most of these units were less than 10 inches wide.