Product Notice

The Solar Group mailbox models SM16KB01, LSM16KB01, AM20KV01, LIU16KB1, P16K0B01, and S1100B01 some consumers purchased were sold prematurely before those mailboxes received USPS approval. The SM16KB01 and LSM16KB01 didn’t pass a USPS water-tightness test and the AM20KV01 mailbox didn’t pass a USPS capacity test. The LIU16KB1, P16K0B01, and S1100B01 are currently in the USPS queue for approval. We will no longer sell these models until they are USPS approved. The mailbox may be returned to the retailer for a full refund. Should you desire a replacement, Solar Group agrees to replace these mailboxes, at no charge, for any customer who would like to return them in exchange for another Solar Group model that is USPS approved. Customers who desire a replacement mailbox should contact Solar Group’s customer service team.