Top Five

Reasons to Replace Your Mailbox

Admit it; you’ve been neglecting your mailbox for way too long. With so many other DIY home projects to complete, it’s easy to forget about one of the most important features in your front lawn.

Your mailbox is the vessel that allows you to get birthday cards from loved ones far away, wedding invitations, business correspondences and that shirt you ordered online you’ve been dying to get. It keeps all those important things stored in a clean space, out of the elements.

So if your mailbox is outdated or just barely functioning, you might want to consider shopping for a new one before it’s out of service. Consider these top five reasons to replace a mailbox to help you decide if it’s time for a quick DIY mailbox replacement project.

#1. Parts are broken or missing entirely

Does your mailbox door open and close properly? Are you missing the mail flag? A broken or missing flag may not seem like an alarming reason to replace a mailbox, but it may cause some of your outgoing deliveries to be delayed. If you don’t want to replace a mailbox for that reason alone, you might consider buying a mailbox replacement flag instead.

On the other hand, if your mailbox door never seems to stay shut, your mail is likely being exposed to rain, tampering or theft. These can lead to some serious frustrations that are preventable by taking action now.

#2. It’s been hit by the neighborhood kids one too many times

You might think a few dents add some character, but if your mailbox is barely recognizable anymore you should definitely consider an upgrade. Damaged mailboxes can cause harm to its structural integrity and might lead to water leaks or sharp edges.

#3. It’s become the rusty, eye-sore of the neighborhood

You make sure your garden and front lawn are kept up, spent time and effort picking out the perfect front porch furniture and décor – now what about that rusted out mailbox everyone sees first?

Make sure your mailbox complements the rest of your curb appeal by replacing it when it gets too old and rusty.

#4. it doesn’t fit all your deliveries

Chances are you do a lot more online shopping than you did just 10 years ago. If your delivery needs have changed, consider purchasing a large-size mailbox.

Larger mailboxes can fit more packages, which means less boxes sitting out on your porch until someone gets home.

#5. You saw the hamilton mailbox and you love how it looks! pssst… it’s online.

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